The company「UTSS Inc.」is named after the initials of “Under The Same Sky”, with the wish that no matter where our students are in the world, they will show leadership and become a global leader that contribute to the society.

In today’s world, one must work to advance their strength and contribute to the society as a team. Acquiring global leadership skill is necessary to live in the world of diversity and AI.
You can be ahead of others if you speak English. There will be many advantages and opportunities available for you when you apply for scholarships, schools and job hunting. You must not only focus on English skills, but also global communication skills.

We live in a period of great changes. No matter how big a change, it is essential to stay positive and have the ability to respond to them flexibly.

Japanese English Bilingual School in Los Angeles
Japanese English bilingual school for kids that nurture thinking, language, and communication skills. Known for the achievements in academic development and pass rates for Eiken exams, children of business owners and celebrities also attend our school. Due to its popularity, the school has a waiting list.
The founder, Toru Funatsu, has been involved in the education field for more than 19 years, teaching over 5,000 children in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. His carefully programmed curriculum allows children to have fun, produce results, and feel a sense of accomplishment.
Through this program, people living in Japan can take the same classes offered at TLC for Kids online.

Ten minutes per day. Three Levels. Two and a half year curriculum. Beginners start with learning how to read the alphabets, while all levels are based on phonics and sight words. Students can acquire reading comprehension skills while having fun repeating many original songs by TLC. By the end of the course, students would be able to read English books by themselves.

Ranked 2nd place in the “Most Effective Teaching Materials Department” by “Open Ed”, America’s largest educational resource website with 250,000 teachers nationwide.

We provide infomations on bilingual education(raising bilingual children), leadership development, study abroad, school information, publications, and lecture information.
Weekly activity reports and Q&A sessions to keep you motivated!
Parenting becomes more enjoyable if you know your parenting type . We will send you important informations in our non-periodical email magazine!
¥After graduating from Hiroshima University School of Education and finishing elementary school teacher training, Takei worked for a total of 4 years at a lifelong learning facility and as an elementary school teacher. While attending school, Takei obtained a kindergarten teacher’s license, an elementary school teacher’s license, a middle and high school mathematics teacher’s license, and a librarian’s license. 
Retired from teaching in 2007 and moved to Tokyo to start a business. Became the owner of a preserved flower shop in 2009. 
Established Preserved Flower Arrangement Association in 2011.
Renamed in 2016. As a representative director, Takei introduced a floral lifestyle by producing lecturers. 
Gave birth to her daughter in 2013 and her son in 2015.
Became a mother of two. Became the nationalist for Mrs Tourism Japan 2017 and participated in the global competition. 
From 2020, Takei and her family experienced raising her children as a bilingual.
After the birth of our first child, my husband and I had a serious discussion about the kind of skills children should acquire in order to survive the rapidly changing global era.
Our family believes that the most important aspect in parenting is to build the children’s confidence and strength based on their successful experiences, and prepare them to become a global leader.
only talking about my own children, but every children. 
I hope that they will have the ability to continuously challenge themselves under any circumstances, demonstrate their talent both in Japan and overseas, and become leaders that can contribute to make the world a better place.
When I say “my children”, I do not only mean my blood related children, but also children of my precious people, anyone who I have met before, children of the future…any children that you can imagine.
“To teach is to Love”. This is one of my favorite quotes .
My dream is to empower the world through education.
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